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Petrosexual of the Month of July: Genevieve Morrill, CEO, West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce

 Steve, handsome Corgi mix with his proud "Guardian" Genevieve Morrill, CEO of the West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. 1.   Genevieve, please tell us about yourself, where you grew up, and when and why  you came to West Hollywood. Please include your professional background as well. That would be a full length novel but I will try best to encapsulate. My father was a Methodist minister in the Seattle area and both parents were existentialists and very involved in civil rights, women’s right and the need for change within the church and the world. Our family went to Chicago for a big march with MLK in 1966 and then moved to a ghetto on the West Side of Chicago in 1968...

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Mayor Lauren Meister

FEATURE INTERVIEW for MAY 2017: by Marianne Buttner                  Spike with his mom MAYOR LAUREN MEISTER City of West Hollywood, CA  1.  Mayor Meister, you have been a resident of West Hollywood for more than 25 years, both as a renter and homeowner.  Your parents and sister also call West  Hollywood home.  What attracted you to first settle here?  And, more importantly, why do you choose to stay.? My sister lived in West Hollywood first, and I visited often to eat, shop and play!  I fell in love with the small town  feel, and knew that West Hollywood is home. 2.  Did you grow up having pets?  If so, what kind and what are your...

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